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April 2014 Archives

Lodi teacher charged with aggravated assault DWI in car accident

Authorities say that a Bergen County officer parked his patrol car to assist a fellow officer who was having problems with his radio on April 19. Shortly before 2:00 in the morning, authorities claim that a 36-year-old Lodi, New Jersey, man crashed into the Bergen County officer’s cruiser, which was “shortly stopped parallel” to the patrol vehicle that had radio issues, according to

Drunk driving charge from 1987 finally to be heard in court

When New Jersey residents are charged with crimes, they might be concerned that if they are convicted, that criminal record will be around for years to haunt them. It might seem far-fetched, but in some instances, however, this might not apply because a charge is simply forgotten about. That doesn't mean, however, that such charges will go away forever.

Mother and son both facing charges over alleged grow operation

Sometimes, New Jersey residents can find themselves in trouble with the law stemming from charges that come about from unrelated incidents. This can catch people off guard; if police are investigating something unrelated to any kind of drug offenses, but then come across something that piques their suspicion, people might be less prepared to offer a defense.

Man arrested after returning to collect alleged drug-filled bag

New Jersey residents know that prosecutors take drug crimes with the utmost seriousness. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, drug charges regarding heroin. One man from the Bronx finds himself in trouble after being arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport in regard to a bag of heroin.

Linden Police think man led chase while intoxicated

Multiple jurisdictions in New Jersey are considering bringing charges against an out-of-state driver who allegedly led police on a chase through several communities early Monday morning. Law enforcement in Linden, New Jersey, claims that Lojack contacted police about the alleged theft of a Toyota in New York. An officer believes that a vehicle matching the description of the 4Runner was traveling on East Elizabeth Avenue.

Ridge High teen gets plea deal in Bernards Township DWI case

Most parents in New Jersey may know that the Graduated Driver License law in the state places specified restrictions on a teen’s privilege to drive. The restrictions include the hours of the day a teen may drive and limit a probationary license holder to having only one passenger in the car(with exceptions), according to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety. A GDL decal must also be affixed to any car the teen drives. Other limitations are also defined by the law.

Man charged with renting North Jersey house he didn't own

Being charged with burglary and theft is not something to be taken lightly. It doesn't matter if there doesn't seem to be a victim in the case; funds that have been received through apparently illicit means are cause enough for charges to be filed. This is what one many in North Jersey is finding out regarding an alleged property rental scam in Linden.

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