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New Jersey man blames DUI arrest on shoe that doesn’t fit

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

There are many possible ways to have a valid excuse for what appears to be a drunk driving violation. Some people might spill a hot beverage and swerve while trying to contain the damage; a blown tire could cause a car to drive out of control as if the driver was impaired. Sometimes, something might get wedged around the pedals in the car and cause the driver to be unable to control the vehicle.

That’s what a man from New Jersey is saying led to his arrest on suspicion of drunk driving. He was in the Virgin Islands, driving at around 3 a.m., when two witnesses said he appeared to spin out before hitting the vehicle they were doing maintenance on.

Officials who responded to the crash said that the man failed field sobriety tests and declined to undergo a breath test. However, he said that he lost control of his vehicle because the shoe he was wearing fell off and got stuck underneath the gas pedal, and that he didn’t crash because he had been drinking.

The man’s unusual attire might lend credence to his assertion. At the time of his arrest, he was wearing women’s clothing, plus a wig and lipstick. It’s conceivable that if he had on unfamiliar shoes, then they might have slipped off while he was driving.

However, police say the man smelled strongly of alcohol when he was arrested. It might be a challenge for him to win acquittal; however, everyone is entitled to defend himself in court. An experienced attorney can assist someone in this situation.

Source: Virgin Islands Daily News, “N.J. attorney facing drunk driving charges says his shoes caused St. Croix accident,” Fiona Stokes, Feb. 28, 2014



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