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Cranford Police accuse Newark man of DWI, test refusal

Cranford Police claim that a Newark man refused to submit to a breath test during a driving while intoxicated investigation that followed a minor traffic accident on Sunday evening. Police were called to North Avenue East shortly before 11:00 to investigate a two-car crash. Authorities say that the driver of one of the vehicles had left the scene after his GMC Envoy bumped the back of another vehicle.

Conviction shows there's no such thing as a free lunch

There are many ways to incur the wrath of the justice system in New Jersey. And being charged with state crimes is one thing, but being accused of crimes relating to federal programs is another one entirely. Criminal charges brought against a public official who is accused of fleecing may come with penalties that are quite severe -- arguably more severe than the gains from such illicit behavior.

Lawmakers seek to expand consequences of New Jersey DUI laws

New Jersey has stringent laws that govern driving under the influence allegations. A person accused of drunk driving can face a suspension of the privilege to drive, as well as charges in court. DUI offenses involve many different types of issues.

Man charged with weapons crimes after police respond to 911 call

It's not unheard of for people in New Jersey to be arrested for one offense and then charged with an entirely different offense based on what police encounter. In some cases, that crime might be an even more serious one than what would have been charged initially.

New Jersey police plan to step up DUI patrol on St. Patrick's Day

While St. Patrick's Day may be a time to dress up in green clothes, drink green beer and eat some corned beef and cabbage, it is also a holiday where law enforcement officials in New Jersey step up drunk driving enforcement by increasing patrols. Due to the laws against drunk driving in the state, this can mean a once fun day with family and friends can turn into a legal nightmare, complete with a trip to jail. 

New Jersey man blames DUI arrest on shoe that doesn't fit

There are many possible ways to have a valid excuse for what appears to be a drunk driving violation. Some people might spill a hot beverage and swerve while trying to contain the damage; a blown tire could cause a car to drive out of control as if the driver was impaired. Sometimes, something might get wedged around the pedals in the car and cause the driver to be unable to control the vehicle.

Protester facing jail time in NJ on disorderly conduct charge

Some people believe in a political cause so deeply that they are willing to risk arrest and criminal charges to express their views. While their actions are usually relatively minor, prosecutors sometimes seek to make an "example" of those who practice civil disobedience.

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