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My child is shoplifting, what can I do?

Finding out that your child is shoplifting can be very disheartening. Unfortunately, this is a common behavior in many children and it’s up to the parents to break the habit before severe consequences occur. offers the following advice on how you can address the topic of stealing with your child.

How you react largely depends on the age of your child. Very young children may not understand stealing is wrong. In this case, parents should clearly state the consequences of stealing and have the child return the item or apologize for taking it. It’s also good to emphasize how stealing hurts people, especially when a child takes a personal item from a friend or family member.

Dispute your field sobriety test results

Holiday and family celebrations in New Jersey often include alcoholic beverages. If you partake and then decide to drive home, there may be serious repercussions if law enforcement pulls you over. Driving while intoxicated is against the law.  At The Law Offices of Palumbo & Renaud, we often represent clients facing DWI charges.

According to, police officers may choose to administer a field sobriety test if they suspect you are driving under the influence. This test, composed of three parts, determines whether you pose a risk to others on the roadway. Experts believe these tests measure your ability to handle the type of divided attention used to control the car and pay attention to other vehicles and obstacles on the road.

What really causes people to shoplift?

Certainly, some shoplifting happens for purely financial reasons. A child who does not have enough money to buy a toy decides to steal it from the store. An adult who needs to put food on the table feels they have no choice but to turn to theft. It does happen.

However, experts note that things like poverty or greed do not really drive most people to steal. Shoplifting is about something else entirely. It's a psychological issue.

What can I do to prevent my child from shoplifting?

Shoplifting is a crime that can have serious repercussions. While teens may look at it as no big deal, an instance of shoplifting can follow a person for many years to come and may even have an academic or professional impact. If you have concerns about your child shoplifting, Family Circle offers the following advice.

Offer consequences

What is defensive driving?

When it comes to car accidents, drivers in New Jersey must play it safe. This entails following all traffic laws, removing distractions from their vehicles, and treating other motorists with respect. These are defensive driving behaviors and Esurance explains how to incorporate them into your life.

Keep your distance

What treatments are available for drug addiction?

If you’re facing drug charges in New Jersey, chances are your problems extend beyond legal concerns. You may have a substance abuse problem, which not only causes legal woes but can also impact your professional life and interpersonal relationships. In this case, getting the proper drug treatment is crucial. The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains some of your options.

There are three goals to successful treatment

Hangovers and DUI charges

Often, when people think about drunk driving, they imagine drivers who are currently imbibing or recently consumed alcoholic beverages. However, it is crucial to realize that driving while you are hungover may also lead to DUI charges. For example, if you take to the road in the early morning after drinking heavily hours earlier, your driving abilities may be impaired, and a law enforcement official may pull you over, which could result in drunk driving charges. Moreover, some people do not realize how long it takes for alcohol to leave their system and they unknowingly drive while they are over the legal limit.

Whether a driver knows that they are currently drunk, or they do not realize that their hangover could result in DUI charges if they are pulled over, the consequences can be significant. Across the country, many people have likely found themselves in this position following Halloween celebrations. Drunk driving charges can be disruptive with respect to your career, your driving privileges and even your reputation and relationships. Because of the serious nature of these charges, it is imperative for you to handle your drunk driving case with care.

Can you refuse a breathalyzer test in New Jersey?

When you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, a fun night with friends can quickly turn into the worst night of your life. Maybe you had two beers, or perhaps you had a couple more than two beers. You are not sure if you are going to pass a breathalyzer test. You decide refusing a breathalyzer is your best option, but you are not sure if you can legally do so.

New Jersey's IID requirements after a DUI

Being charged with a driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated offense in can be a very upsetting and scary experience. If you are one of the many people in New Jersey who has been arrested for suspected drunk driving, you may have heard about ignition interlock devices and wonder what exactly they are and if you will need to use one.

An IID is a device that is installed into a vehicle requiring a person to first pass a breath test proving they are not drunk before the vehicle's ignition is allowed to be started. The intention of these devices is to prevent repeat drunk driving offenses. As explained by the State of New Jersey, you might be ordered to install and use an ignition interlock device for as long as three years. On the shorter end, the required duration of use may be six months.

What are New Jersey’s distracted driving laws?

Driving is a fairly mundane, boring task. There is not a whole lot to do in the car and in this day and age, people want to keep busy and get stuff done. Because of this, many people try to multitask when driving during their commute or other times on the road. This might seem like a good idea but some of these activities fall under New Jersey’s distracted driving laws.

If you are caught doing one of these activities while driving, you might receive a ticket or other penalty.

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