Linden Disorderly Persons Offense

New Jersey Simple Assault, Fighting, Harassment Lawyer

Simple Assault, Fighting and Harassment are three common disorderly persons offenses in Linden. Penalties for a disorderly persons offense can be up to 6 months in prison, $1,000 in fines, and a permanent criminal offense record. Whether you've been charged with one of the offenses above or a different disorderly persons offense, I can assist in your defense.

I've been defeating criminal and municipal charges in New Jersey for over 35 years and no other local attorney can offer the unique mix of aggressive defense and the years of legal experience that you'll receive at the law offices of Palumbo, Renaud & Deappolonio. Contact Anthony N. Palumbo today for a free consultation at 1-866-664-8118 and find out how I can help you.

I defend the following Disorderly Persons Offenses:

Linden Disorderly Persons Offenses

If you've been charged with a disorderly persons offense in Linden New Jersey, your charge will be heard by a Linden Municipal Court Judge. As a former county and municipal prosecutor, I have personal knowledge of the municipal judges in Linden and I know what they need to hear to dismiss your charges. I have many years of experience defending individuals charged with Disorderly persons offenses like Fighting, Simple Assault, and Harassment carry penalties of six months in prison and $1,000 in fines, but rarely if ever will my clients face any prison time at all.

In certain cases, clients may opt for conditional discharge programs. While not all clients choose to do this, these programs can eliminate prison time and seriously reduce fines in even the most difficult cases. Most importantly, these programs eliminate stress through quick resolution.

Experience Matters

At the law offices of Palumbo, Renaud & Deappolonio, I will resolve your charge quickly, easily, and with your best interest in mind. I have been doing it for over 35 years and I can do it for you. Contact me today for a free consultation and find you just how easy it is to put your charge behind you.

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