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Sex Crimes Criminal Attorney - Essex, New Jersey

Being charged with a sex crime is an awful ordeal. People are often quick to assume guilt against an alleged violator, and an unsubstantiated allegation can easily destroy someone's life. My name is Anthony N. Palumbo, and I have been successfully acquitting individuals of sex crimes for almost forty years. I have tried numerous sexual assault cases and received acquittals within the last six months alone. If you would like to discuss a charge or even a situation involving a possible charge, contact me at 1-866-664-8118 for an open and confidential discussion with an experienced attorney. The consultation is free and there is no obligation.

Don't lose hope. No matter how egregious the allegations, I can obtain a favorable outcome against your charge. I have been doing it for almost forty years. New Jersey criminal defense lawyer Anthony N. Palumbo, defends sex crimes throughout Essex County in Newark, Belleville, Cedar Grove, Bloomfield, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Glen Ridge, Irvington, Livingston, Maplewood, Millburn, and Montclair.

It is especially important to contact an attorney as soon as possible when charged with a sex crime against a child in order to prevent unnecessary reputational damage and incriminating evidence from being collected against you. Contact me today at 1-866-664-8118.

Sex Crimes in Essex County

Sex crimes include all types of unlawful acts and can result in charges ranging from minor disorderly persons offenses to first degree indictable crimes. Some sex crimes, like rape or sexual assault involve force, but others, like prostitution are consensual, and some sex crimes, like lewdness or stalking, don't involve any touching, but instead involve allegations of frightening or inappropriate behavior.

No matter how true or false the allegation is, when a person is accused of a sex crime an attorney should be contacted immediately. All criminal cases are time sensitive, but sex crimes are especially so because any lapse in time can result in the unnecessary accumulation of incriminating evidence and severe reputational damage. Thus, even if you merely suspect that you may be charged with a sex crime in the future, you should notify an attorney of the potential situation so that preventative action can be taken.

For a more detailed explanation on the charges and penalties of various sex crimes throughout New Jersey, visit one of my sex crimes pages listed below.

Penalties & Megan's Law

A sex crime conviction can result in many different penalties depending on the charge, but anytime a person is convicted of a sex crime in New Jersey, Megan's Law will apply. In New Jersey, Megan's Law requires that anyone convicted of a sex offense must register with law enforcement, and remain registered for at least 15 years. A sex offender must inform the local police of their name, address, what they look like, other convictions, and if there is a change of address. The local police, under certain circumstances, must then notify certain individuals that the offender lives in the neighborhood. Megan's law makes it very difficult for a convicted offender to turn over a new leaf, and often times it will apply to a person for life. As an experienced New Jersey defense lawyer, I will do everything in my power to make sure that this doesn't happen to you.

Essex County Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Essex County or even suspect that you may be charged at some point in the future, contact me today for an open and confidential discussion about your situation. Do not be embarrassed. I understand your situation and I am here to help you get through it. I handle countless sex crime cases every year, many involving children, and I won't judge or lecture you no matter how egregious the alleged situation. A consultation is always completely confidential and free of charge. The important thing is that you do speak to an attorney as soon as possible. I cannot tell you how much easier it is to resolve a charge early on than after a case develops against you.

Call 1-866-664-8118 today for a free initial consultation at no obligation, by phone or in person, 24/7, day or night. I defend individuals throughout New Jersey, including Union County, Hudson County, and Essex County in Newark, Belleville, Cedar Grove, Bloomfield, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Glen Ridge, Irvington, Livingston, Maplewood, Millburn, and Montclair.

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