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Just two months back, I handled a DUI/DWI charge in which my client faced $1200 in fees, jail time, and a 2-year driver's license revocation/suspension. After blowing a .11 BAC on the scene, she thought she'd been caught red handed, but I told her not to worry. We walked into court in Middlesex County, and I got her off with no jail sentence, a 90-day-license revocation, $225 in penalty fines, and no points on her driver's license. And this was not her first DUI/DWI offense in New Jersey. When I tell my clients not to worry, this is what I mean. Whether it's your first DUI/DWI offense, second DUI/DWI offense, or third DUI/DWI offense in New Jersey, I can get you a favorable result. Contact me today for a free initial consultation at 1-866-664-8118 with no obligation.

Anthony N. Palumbo, New Jersey DUI/DWI lawyers eliminates DUI/DWI charges in Middlesex County in Woodbridge, South Amboy, Sayreville, Plainsboro, Piscataway, Perth Amboy, North Brunswick, New Brunswick, Middlesex, Highland Park, Edison, Monroe, Carteret, Metuchen, Spotswood, Milltown, Dunellen, and Helmetta.

Middlesex County DUI/DWI Offense

People often feel if they were pulled over while driving under the influence, were clearly intoxicated, and blew a high BAC, they will receive the same penalties with or without an attorney. This could not be further from the truth. I obtain favorable results for clients that have committed even the most blatant violations, and I have done this successfully for over 35 years. Even if you do think an attorney cannot make a difference in your case, always contact one anyway. There is no charge and no obligation to discuss your case, so you have nothing to lose except for time spent outside of prison. If you go to court without a lawyer, you will often get the maximum sentence, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Everything you need to know about your DUI/DWI charge in New Jersey

No matter where your charge occurred in New Jersey I can help. In addition to the pages above, you may also visit my Essex County DUI/DWI Homepage and my Union County DUI/DWI Homepage. I am a former county and municipal prosecutor in Union County, and my offices are located in Elizabeth and Cranford, Union County, New Jersey.

Shhh Don't Talk to the Police

It's a policeman's job to collect evidence against people who break the law, and beside the infamous line "you have the right to remain silent," police have no obligation to explain a person's rights. Often the most incriminating evidence in a case is a statement made from the defendant to police. People get nervous while in custody and easily succumb to a desire to confess. This is what the police hope for, but no matter what, you should never tell them anything. Don't talk to them, even if you feel that you blatantly violated the law. Keeping quiet is one crucial thing that you can do for your defense, but it's harder than it sounds.

Anthony N. Palumbo is one of the foremost DUI/DWI defense lawyers in Middlesex County, and obtains some of the best results in New Jersey on a daily basis. His perfect balance of hard-line aggressive tactics and well reputed negotiation has brought him over 35 years of success and respect in the legal community.

Defeating DUI/DWI Charges in Middlesex County

I have an extremely good track record for obtaining very favorable results in DUI/DWI cases. I approach each case, no matter how serious, with strategic and aggressive defense tactics. My objective is always to get the results my clients need and get them fast. I am well known in the legal community, and as a former prosecutor, and public defender in New Jersey, I have great relationships with local judges and prosecutors, giving me honest insight on how best to present a case before each official. This is an edge that only an experienced, local and well respected lawyer can bring to your defense. Contact me today for a free initial consultation at 1-866-664-8118 at no obligation. We can discuss your case over the phone or in person, 24/7.