Elizabeth DUI/DWI & Refusal

DWI in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Elizabeth is the city in Union County that has the most DUI/DWI and breathalyzer refusal arrests. The Elizabeth police are always on the move, constantly making traffic stops and administering breathalyzer/Alcotest tests and with the many major highways running through the local areas, these stops are taking place all the time. If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI/DWI, Refusal to take a breathalyzer or any other traffic offense or traffic violation in Union County, New Jersey, I can help.

I am an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer, a Union County former prosecutor and current public defender, my experience and knowledge with both sides of the law ensures that I will provide you with the best possible outcome of your case. Since 1973 I have had an office in Elizabeth and throughout my years working in the Elizabeth community, I have developed strong relationships working with the local judges and prosecutors. You will feel confident walking in court with an attorney with over 35 years of success in Union County. In the vast majority of my cases I am able to eliminate jail time, significantly reduce fines, and clear criminal records. Contact me today at the law offices of Palumbo, Renaud & Deappolonio for a Free Consultation at 1-866-664-8118. I will carefully analyze the specifics of your traffic stop including the facts surrounding your Alcotest and the existence of probable cause. Put an end to your New Jersey DWI charges by calling the law offices of Palumbo, Renaud & Deappolonio today.

About the City of Elizabeth

Elizabeth was founded in 1665 and was the first capital of New Jersey. Today it is the fourth largest city in New Jersey with a population of over 120,000 and it is also the county seat of Union County. It holds the largest industrial seaport in North America and the New Jersey Transit train provides access to New York City and all of the surrounding areas. The city consists of several districts including Frog Hollow, the Point, Peterstown, North Elizabeth, Keighry Head, Elmora, Elizabethport, Midtown, Bayway, and Westminster.

About the Elizabeth Municipal Court

The Elizabeth Municipal Court presides over all different cases including disorderly persons offenses which is New Jersey's equivalent to a misdemeanor, traffic offenses and violations, and municipal ordinance offenses. The Elizabeth Municipal Court does not preside over indictable crimes. Common traffic violations heard at the Elizabeth Municipal Court include DUI/DWI and Breathalyzer Refusal, Speeding, Driving without Insurance, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Reckless Driving and Careless Driving. While each case is unique, I have an extremely solid record of defeating DUI/DWI charges and traffic offenses. At the law offices of Palumbo, Renaud & Deappolonio, I also handle all types of criminal charges that are often charged in conjunction with DWI/DWI including Possession of marijuana and other drugs, Possession of drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Drugs in a Vehicle, Open Container in a Vehicle, Resisting Arrest and Hindering the Administration of Justice.

Elizabeth Municipal Court Contact Information

The Elizabeth Municipal Courthouse can be found at 1 Police Plaza in Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201. You can contact the court by phone at 1-908-558-6800 and the prosecutor's office at 1-908-558-6855. There are four judges at the Elizabeth Municipal Court: Chief Municipal Judge Roman A. Montes, Carl L. Marshall, Richard Obuch, and Daniel J. Russell. The Municipal Prosecutors are Norma Murgado, Lawrence Centanni, Patricia Mack, Vito Mazza, Tangerla Mitchell-Thomas, and Ashton E. Thomas.

Directions to Elizabeth Municipal Court

Coming From the North: Take Route 3 to Route 21 South, heading toward Newark. Then make a left on South Street and take the US-1S/US-9S/I-78 ramp to I-95 (Newark Airport). Merge onto US-1 S/US-9 S and then make a right at East Grand Street. Turn left onto Commerce Place and end at number 208.

Coming From the South: Take the Garden State Parkway North to exit 129. Then take ramp to New Jersey Turnpike North (I-95 N). Get off at the Bayway Ave Exit and stay on Bayway Ave. Keep right at fork to remain on Bayway Ave. Then make a right at South Broad Street and take the 3rd right onto US-1 N/US-9 N. Make a left onto E Grand Street then turn left onto Commerce Place. End at number 208.

Coming From the West: Take I-78 East to Exit 57 (Route 21 North). Stay on Route 21 North and keep left at the fork. Then turn left toward Route 1 South/Route 9 South and take the ramp to Route 1 South/Route 9 South. Make a right onto E Grand Street. Finally, turn left onto Commerce Place and end at number 208.

Elizabeth New Jersey DUI Lawyer

If you've been charged with a DUI/DWI offense in New Jersey, I can assist you with your charge. At the law offices of Palumbo, Renaud & Deappolonio, I see every case as a challenge no matter how big or small the offense and I fight to get the best result for my client. I will carefully scrutinize all aspects of your defense to make sure that nothing is left unaccounted for. If there is any possibility of a dismissal, or chance to eliminate jail time, reduce penalties or cut down fines, you can be sure that I will be taking full advantage of the opportunity to do that for you. This is why I am one of the most successful DUI/DWI attorneys in New Jersey and I have been for over 35 years. Contact me today for a Free Consultation at 1-866-664-8118.