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Have you been charged with an assault in Seaside Heights? I am Anthony N. Palumbo a New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney, former county and municipal court prosecutor who has extensive experience handling the defense of assault and fighting charges in Seaside Heights. I have over 35 years of experience protecting the rights of individuals and defending them against New Jersey aggravated assault and simple assault charges.

Why You Should Hire a Seaside Heights Criminal Defense Attorney

I gets results, just recently I represented a young lady in Jersey City who was charged with an assault against her longtime partner. After a full trial, all charges against the young lady were dismissed with prejudice. If she had been convicted, she would have been sent to jail for up to 6 months, fined and given community service and/or probation. Success stories such as this are commonplace for Anthony Palumbo.

In addition to his private criminal law practice and experiences as a county and municipal court prosecutor, Mr. Palumbo has a high level of understanding how the prosecution works and is adept at identifying which defenses would be most effective in your Seaside Heights assault case. If you have been charged with assault in Seaside Heights, Anthony N. Palumbo provides the highest quality representation of your freedom and rights.

Borough of Seaside Heights and Municipal Court

Seaside Heights is a popular New Jersey shore town for a summer vacation destination. The 3,000 year round residents enjoy a somewhat peaceful resort community until thousands of visitors arrive for summer fun and recreation. Unfortunately, these crowds that increase the local economy, yield criminal activity such as street fighting, assault and battery, threat crimes, and sexual assault. I understand individuals make mistakes or are falsely accused of a crime which can lead to serious legal charges. Whether you are a Seaside Heights resident or visitor to the area seeking to enjoy Seaside's entertainment, I, Anthony N. Palumbo, will do whatever is needed to get the best results. I can defend your freedom and rights.

Simple assault charges in Seaside Heights are most commonly heard in the Seaside Heights Municipal Court located at 116 Sheridan Avenue, Seaside Heights, New Jersey 08751. The case is presided over by a municipal court judge, and is tried by the municipal prosecutor. Anthony N. Palumbo, Esq., can overcome your Seaside Heights assault charges in various ways depending upon the particular circumstances surrounding your citation. There are many procedural factors that can lead to a dismissal and mitigating factors that will at least lead to a reduction in assault charge penalties and fines.

Seaside Heights Assault Charges

The most common assault charges filed against an individual in Seaside Heights is generally simple assault, a disorderly person's offense commonly heard in the municipal court. Those charges, however, can be escalated to varying degrees depending on the particular circumstances of your case. If the charges are increased to a felony level, they are most usually transferred from Seaside Heights Municipal Court to the Ocean County Superior Court.

Simple Assault in Seaside Heights

Under New Jersey Law, there are three general ways a person can commit a simple assault. A person will be guilty of simple assault if he commits any one of the following acts:

  • Attempts to cause or purposely, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another person; or
  • Negligently causes bodily injury to another person with a deadly weapon; or
  • Attempts by physical danger to put another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.

Understanding the Legal Language

Unsure if you have committed an assault? Let's take a closer look at some of the language used in the statute above. It should help shed some light on what actions are necessary in order to be guilty of simple assault.


The word 'attempts' is used to show that all you have to do is try to commit the crime. Your action does not have to be purposeful or reckless in order for you to be guilty. It is enough if you attempt to cause someone bodily injury or imminent fear of such.


The word 'recklessly' means that you acted recklessly in that you took a huge risk that the injuries would occur. You don't have to act purposely to be guilty, acting recklessly is enough. In order for you to act recklessly, your actions must grossly deviate from what would be reasonable under the circumstances. An experienced assault attorney may choose to defend your case by showing that your actions did not grossly deviate from reasonable conduct under the circumstances. This is one of the many ways a lawyer can defend your case.


Acting 'negligently' is similar to acting 'recklessly' only not quite as bad. That is why in order to be guilty of assault when your actions were merely negligent, you must possess a deadly weapon when you commit the act. If you acted negligently in committing an assault, but you did not have a deadly weapon, then you cannot be convicted of simple assault. In order to act negligently you must commit the act when you know there is a knowing, substantial, and unjustifiable risk of the injury. Keep in mind that injury is not just physical, it can also occur when someone is in imminent fear of injury.

Penalties if Convicted

The penalties for a conviction of simple assault depend on the circumstances surrounding how the criminal offense was committed. Generally, a simple assault is a disorderly person's offense (often referred to as a misdemeanor) which carries potential penalties of:

  • $1,000 in fines
  • Up to 6 months in prison

However in certain circumstances the penalties may be either reduced or increased.

You do not want a conviction for assault on your record. The law offices of Palumbo, Renaud & Deappolonio protects individuals rights in assault and battery charges. If you have been accused of assault and want to speak to an experienced local attorney call me immediately for a free consultation at 1-866-664-8118. I will explain the charges you are up against, explain the law, discuss your defenses and answer all your questions.