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Drunk driving arrests down due to free ride program in NJ town

One year after a drunk driving program providing free rides home for inebriated revelers was introduced, police in Evesham Township have credited the scheme with a 15% decrease in DUI arrests.

First-time drunk driving offender is an unlikely suspect

Can a momentary lapse in judgment result in criminal charges? A recent New Jersey accident and accompanying drunk driving arrest suggest that even unlikely candidates might find themselves in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Does a drunk driving first offense implicate jail time?

According to a recent report, New Jersey’s laws against drunk driving may be less aggressive than other states. Specifically, the report noted that New Jersey is among only a few states where a first offense for driving under the influence does not mandatorily trigger minimum jail time. Administrative license suspensions are also rare in New Jersey. 

Are there downsides to seeking probation instead of a conviction?

It may go without saying that an experienced criminal defense lawyer can be a great asset to anyone facing drunk driving charges. However, a recent article reminds us that a lawyer’s services may continue even after navigating through the criminal trial.

New Jersey DUI enforcement ramps up for 4th of July weekend

This weekend, many New Jersey residents will be celebrating the Fourth of July holiday with picnics, BBQs and beach parties. If you are one of them and plan on celebrating with alcohol, remember that the holiday is also synonymous with DUI citations.

Arrested at a sobriety checkpoint? Seek legal counsel quickly

It is likely that quite a few people reading this spent some time with friends or family socializing last weekend. In the course of those social gatherings it is possible that some people may have consumed alcohol and then, thinking that they were okay, gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive. Assuming that people would take this action over the long holiday weekend, law enforcement officers in the state of New Jersey set up sobriety checkpoints.  

What not to say during a DUI stop

Traffic stops can be unpleasant, that part is obvious. What isn’t obvious is what you can and can’t say to stay out of trouble when the officer asks you questions about your whereabouts, whether you have been drinking, or whether you have broken the law in other ways. Indeed, most people are not stopped often enough to know how to deal with the police in polite, productive and protective manner.

Could police begin using marijuana breathalyzers?

In our last post, we highlighted the study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that essentially dispelled the myth that drivers under the influence of marijuana are substantially more dangerous than the same people who may be under the influence of alcohol. Basically, there was no statistical increase in risk of a crash associated with marijuana use compared to other drugs, while the risk of an accident caused by alcohol was nearly seven times as high.

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